Black Powder Rifle Accuracy System

Bevel Brothers' Review

A few years ago I sent $10.00 off to a guy in St. Louis named Dutch Schoultz. He sent me back a paper about 10 pages long containing his system of obtaining accuracy in Black Powder rifles. The paper is called Black Powder Rifle Accuracy and comes with a companion piece called Black Powder Target Analysis. For an extra $5.00 you also get a paper called A Consistent Dry Patch Lubricating System. Take my advice: right now, get off the couch, or the porcelain convenience, or wherever you are reading this and send this guy $15.00 for his set of papers. Read everything he sends you at least twice the pages are literally packed with information, so read it over and over until you understand it completely. Once you've got it down perfectly, go out and carefully, meticulously apply his principals to your own rifle - any rifle. You will be truly amazed. Shocked even, it will revolutionize your shooting for years to come, you will mark the passage of time with reference to whether this or that event in your life occurred before or after you found the Dutch Schoultz system. You will name your first born "Dutch" and require that all who enter your workshop to genuflect at the holy shrine you will erect to Dutch Schoultz in the corner of your basement. Conversations with non-shooters at parties and social events will seem petty and dreary. You will no longer enjoy the company of friends who are unenlightened to the Dutch Schoultz system. Life will take on new meaning. You will become indifferent to the mundane affairs of mere mortals. Great nations may crumble and fall with but slight notice to you. Beautiful women will throw themselves at your feet in adoration. All for only fifteen bucks. So get busy and order the set his ad is right here in the paper ? you won't be sorry.

Bevel Down

That's right folks. Everything my brother just said about Dutch's system is absolutely true! Except for the part about the babes. That usually doesn't happen to me. Hardly ever, actually. Well never, really. At least not yet, But it could, you know!

Bevel Up