Black Powder Rifle Accuracy System

How to convert Modern Riflemen to Black Powder

I went to the local pistol club range this afternoon to continue development testing of your accuracy system.

What a waste of a day.

I set up my target at 50 meters. "You are wasting your time" The guy with the new Dakota in 7mmDakota said. "You will never hit that " from the guy with the scope sighted 7mm08. "I can hardly see that target in my scope" laughed the guy with the 4x32 topped 10/22.

Down went the powder, 80gr Goex ff. On went a dry lubed patch. The pre weighed Speer round ball was seated. The patch cut ( "Strange knife handle " says Dakota, "Lions tooth" says I,"Oh" says 7mm08) ball rammed home. - the idea for your ball seater is worth the $14 alone- Hammer cocked, Remington cap snugged home. Aim taken. Trigger set. Boomff.

"Smack in the flaming middle" says Dakota.

"Fluke" says 10/22.

This was repeated with a lot less smartass comments for the next 4 shots. I used the Dutch Schoultz method of bore preparation between shots, and combined with your dry patch lube system, found that there was a lot less fouling than usual,( I think the waxy lubes combine with the powder residue to form a gluey varnish of crud).

The result was a shot out center of the target, -50- a group of guys all wanting a go. "You can have 5 shots with mine, if I can have 5 shots with yours" I got to shoot two more groups all afternoon, different lubes, different groups.

Your accuracy system works, the rifle I shot today is a very accurate .54 Uberti Hawken with which I have won several major shoots, but it has never shot as well as it does now.

Look out Pilgrims the next trail walk is mine.

Regards, Duncan