Black Powder Rifle Accuracy System

Another Satisfied Customer

Hi Dutch,

Just got back from the mountains & read the thread on bore cleaners. Thought this would be a good excuse to give you some feedback on my progress with your shooting system info that I recently purchased. Started out following your directions to the letter. I am using a 10oz denim patch about .022 uncrushed .011 crushed & 1 to 4 Ballistoil / water lube.

Wiping with your moose milk mix between shots. Had a problem getting the exact amount of MM so I went wet patch dry patch works great. First time I have ever had a hole touching group @ 50 yds with a muzzleloader ( 3" ) group. Didn't take it any farther because I was rudely interrupted by our bp muzzleloader season in PA. After the season I will work with this more. Your info is worth a great deal more than you charge for it I have shot BP for over 25 years but never this accurately. So rather than share this knowledge with others I have been directing them to you to purchase it and will continue to do so. At least 3 I know have.

Since I just spent a paragraph stating the obvious to you I will get back on subject. What is you waterless bore cleaner that you speak of ?? Did I miss something in reading your packet?

Best Regards

Dan D'Ercole

Also feel free to have them contact me by email. (Click here)