Black Powder Rifle Accuracy System

Smooth Bore Muzzleloader Shooter's Letter


I've been shooting my .69 Pedersoli Charleville, known as Charlotte the harlot, using your methods. Dry lube, patch selection, ball seating, wiping techniques etc but without using a wad as I usually do, Shooting at the international target used in the world champs(off hand), and shot scores that would have got a medal at the last worlds.

I shot more 10Xs in one morning than I have ever shot altogether with this gun in 5 years. Not one was out of the 7 ring ,even the called flinches!

I ended up with the usual pesky bunch of ML shooters wanting to to see what I was doing. They can't figure out the dry lube on the patch cloth. There will be a lot of new ball seaters at our next shoot, they all saw your design and are going to copy it. I was going to sell this gun and buy a Bess, but not now.

More development work will follow.

I also shot my .54 English trade rifle using your system, offhand (I couldn't get near the bench) at the standard 50 m pistol target used in international shooting , 3 shots cut the middle out , so I cleaned up and came home, More development reports will follow when I can get to the bench.

I don't know what the best thing before sliced bread was, but your system shore is the best thing since.

Now for the radical statement:

I believe that your system is more important to smooth bore accuracy than it is to rifles.

Smoothies are less accurate than rifles, no question there. So patch thickness, ball weight, lube, sprue, etc and using the cleanswipe (my word) system are actually of more benefit to a smoothie shooter than a rifleman, in the never ending search for accuracy. The weather here today was 28c (I dont know F) and raining, Sunday was fiercly hot and dry.

Your system is living proof that accuracy is caused by consistency.